MedicalStudy The Kelee and Kelee meditation (KM) were developed and founded by Ron W. Rathbun. KM has not been formally evaluated for alleviating stress, anxiety and depression until now. Daniel Lee, MD at the Department of Medicine, University of California, San Diego, CA and Ron W. Rathbun have been working hard on developing ground breaking medical studies.

In this first study it was estimated that 46 subjects would be needed to complete 12 weeks of KM in order to detect a difference of 5 points in the t-DASS (Depression Anxiety Stress Scale).

The results were better than expected. The t-DASS improved significantly with a mean overall change of 15.7.

A second medical study looking at the effects of KM on Nursing “Burn-Out” is in-progress at UCSD Medical Center.

Further studies are now underway for reducing job burnout in nurses; which is a huge issue in healthcare.

Help support this foundation. 100% of the proceeds from the purchase of this medical study go back into the global Kelee Foundation, who’s goal is to support future medical studies showing the effects of KM on stress, anxiety and depression.

A Physician’s Guide to the Study of the Non-linear Mind Kelee® Meditation. Learning to Heal with Compassion is written by physician and Kelee Meditation teacher at the University of California San Diego Dr Amy Sitapati.

The book explores the challenges of her profession and the insights and self understanding learned from a dedicated Kelee meditation practice.

A number of personal accounts as a physician are detailed presenting a practical and relatable interpretation of the limitations of the linear mind and the healing qualities of the non-linear mind.

These lessons cover such concepts as self-understanding, non-interference, self-acceptance and being inspired to heal (amongst others).

Highlighted and discussed throughout this book is the healing and wellbeing of the health care provider experienced from studying the non-linear mind and how this effects the healing of the recipient of their care.

The book’s introduction is written by the Founder of the Kelee Ron W Rathbun. He details teaching Kelee meditation to physicians for over 25 years and the emotional pain of attachment they feel dealing with their patient’s suffering as well as the skills to open to self-compassion by stilling the mind.

This book is a unique insightful guide for any health care provider or curious Kelee Meditation student alike.

To continue theses studies the Kelee® Foundation USA are a nonprofit organisation who are dedicated to putting the care back in HealthCare and supporting doctors and nurses from burnout affect. 

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