Stress from worry occurs when too many thoughts precede your actions, when what you are thinking about is not what you are doing. This state of mind leaves you feeling behind schedule and floundering. Do not have unrealistic expectations of what can be accomplished. Slow down and learn to calm your mind! Enjoy what you do and stress will not overwhelm you.

If you do feel tense and harried, try this exercise: Close your eyes and feel your conscious awareness at the surface of your mind—the horizontal electrochemical plane of energy directly at eye level. Now pull all of your awareness to a pinpoint of energy at the center of the surface of your mind; this is where your conscious awareness is located. Keeping your consciousness centered at the surface of your mind dissipates anxiety because you are focused in the moment instead of on the future. You’ll notice that when you’re focused in the moment, all distractions vanish. Everyone has had the experience of being so absorbed into what you are doing, that you are not aware of the passage of time. This state of mind is known as mindfulness. The place we really live life.

When the outside world requires you to move quickly, move as efficiently as possible with your conscious awareness relaxed at the center of the surface of your mind. As you learn to work from your center, you can learn to move swiftly with a sense of grace about you.

When you realize why you unknowingly allow yourself to rush, you will learn to go slow, stay centered, and enjoy your life.

Ron W. Rathbun

Everyone has felt anxiety at one time or another and it’s one of the compartments that can totally consume you. Anxiety is formed when on a mental level you do not know how to deal with fear, so you stuff it! When you stuff fear, compartments become increasingly dense until electrochemically they spill over into the physical body as a reaction, which usually involves the shakes. Anxiety can be difficult to deal with in public places and is always awkward. Most people who have anxiety will generally not know what’s causing it, because its energy is so strong. It overpowers the conscious awareness with a feeling of being totally out of control.

Kelee Meditation will dissolve anxiety, but it usually will take some time. After all, you have probably been stuffing your fear for a while. To help reverse anxiety, you must from your conscious awareness, stop stuffing what you fear and let Kelee Meditation do the rest. Imprint this on your brain,”If I feel anxiety, it’s just a compartment, not me!”

What you need to know about yourself is most often what you don’t. What you don’t know about yourself can hurt you. This is why awareness is so important. How can you help yourself if you’re in the dark about what’s happening?

Anxiety is only a compartment and can be completely erased from your being. Do The Practice and anxiety will dissolve into the illusion of fear that it is!

Ron W. Rathbun

Our immune system is our first line of defense against disease. When it’s working properly it’s what keeps us healthy. The most important factor to keep your immune system at its optimum is your mental state. How you think and feel has a direct effect on your physical body.

The two major culprits in crashing your immune system are adrenaline and depression.

Adrenaline-based compartments pull massive amounts of energy from the physical body to produce a high, but are always followed by a huge crash. Adrenaline is by nature a fight of flight response best used in emergencies. It is not to be lived on or you will shorten your life span. Adrenaline-based compartments are also responsible for triggering adrenaline responses in others. Dealing with adrenaline compartments anywhere is draining! Dissolve the adrenaline compartments in you, and stay away from them in others. They will drain you.

Depressive-based compartments pull energy from you continuously. They are like black holes drawing energy in and depleting you at the same time. When you have a depression-based compartment fire, it’s just a matter of time before you crash. It’s no secret that when you are depressed you have no energy; it’s hard to do anything, much less function to any degree of efficiency. When you dissolve these compartments through the Practice, everything reverses. Energy starts appearing seemingly out of nowhere, actually; it’s not being drained uselessly away. You’ll be amazed when energy starts to flow how much stronger you feel.

Ron W. Rathbun

An often unaddressed problem with nutrition is the inability to absorb nutrients. When you’re stressed from tension in the mind, the body is affected. Have you ever had negative emotion affect your stomach and digestive tract?

When mental tension affects the stomach, the small intestine, and the large intestine, problems occur. If your stomach becomes hard with tension, food will not break down properly. Too much or not enough stomach acid is produced which can cause problems. As undigested food moves into the small intestine it is not broken down enough to be absorbed through the intestinal lining because it is hard and rigid like a pipe. As food moves into the large intestine stiff with tension, it cannot properly move through peristalses. As the food stalls in the large intestine it becomes hard and constipation occurs. The longer it sits in the large intestines the worse you feel.

If you want to end tension in the stomach and intestines, tension in your mind must be dissipated. When compartmentalized negative energy in the Kelee is dissolved, health flourishes. When you begin to do Kelee Meditation the problem relating to tension reverses. The stomach relaxes, the small and large intestines become soft and supple and food is absorbed into the appropriate energy needed for health. If you can see the wisdom in this knowledge and want to change this condition, you can. It is up to you.

Ron W. Rathbun

When you cannot get a good night’s sleep, it can be hard to wake up. The brain, like the body, needs to exercise and rest to run properly. The main reason people can’t sleep is attachments to things they cannot let go of in their brain. Here is something you can’t do anything about and yet you keep thinking about it. How many times has this happened to you when you want to sleep? These attachments—known as compartments—engage your conscious awareness and won’t let you relax and fall asleep. Whenever you think you must control people or things in the world, they have a hold on you, not you on them. Remember, that which you hold onto, you must carry. Why can’t you let go? Your conscious awareness does not know how to detach from brain function and the malfunction of compartments. It’s that simple or hard, depending if you can detach or not.

The brain is just an organic computer. If it’s running on autopilot who’s in control? Kelee Meditation is like running a defrag program for your brain. It cleans out compartments weighing on your mind and organizes the brain for efficiency and optimum performance. Sleep is care for you at night; Kelee Meditation is care for you in the daytime. Remember, it’s a peaceful mind that promotes peaceful sleep.

Ron W. Rathbun

If you want to learn patience, you must get out of the three-dimensional space of the brain. How you do this is by living in your spirit. Your spirit lives by experiencing each moment, not by measuring them.

The biggest time-stealer in life is ego. An ego constantly strives excessively and never seems to get enough. This need to “get” will put your conscious awareness out of phase with your spirit and out of touch with reality. If your attention is always out ahead of you, you’re never centered in the moment. This sets up a feeling of being uncomfortable with yourself, which can extend to others around you as an irritating vibration. If you irritate yourself, you will irritate others.

The second biggest time-stealer is compartments, which are worry-based time capsules trying to replicate previous experiences in time. The ironic thing about replicating compartments is you did not feel good when they formed and you won’t when you relive them. Patience is not something you can experience by deciding it from your head, but by living from your spirit, which has no linear mass to measure the passing minutes. When your conscious awareness is in your greater Kelee, you will begin to understand what being patient really is.

Time is what you experience from it. It’s a quality of living, not a measure of time.

Ron W. Rathbun

In one’s life, eventually everyone will have to confront the fear of being alone. Most people experience this fear when their aloneness is not by their choice and when they are at their weakest—i.e., when they lose a loved one through a broken relationship or death. The fear of being alone is really the fear of not feeling loved. This fear can be terrifying to even a seemingly stable person.

If you feel uncomfortable when you’re by yourself, it’s because you have not mastered your center. Your center is a place within that literally gives you the feeling that you are alright; it is one of the most important spiritual puzzle pieces of your spirit to find. How do you know if you don’t have this center puzzle piece? You struggle with being alone.

Realizing and dealing with loneliness calls for courage and this area needs be explored bravely. You are not subhuman because you are lonesome. You are just by yourself! People usually avoid being alone by keeping busy, and yet the only way to truly know yourself without the distractions of activities and responsibilities influencing you, is by being alone. Consciously taking time for introspection after Kelee Meditation is the best way to understand the fear of loneliness.

When you can be alone without feeling lonely, you will learn self-acceptance. Self-acceptance will grow to contentment allowing the true nature of self-love to unfold.

Within you is the openness to give and receive love beyond measure; what hinders you is your inability to understand that love is never a lonely feeling.

Ron W. Rathbun

You will master the now when you do not want to leave it. When you find yourself impatient, it means you don’t like where you are right now. Looking to the future will not make you feel patient. If you’re not in this moment, you’re missing your life.

The key to being in “the now” is learning to live in your spirit. Your spirit does not know how to be impatient because it lives in non-linear space without time. Your spirit does not know how to be any other place other than where it is. All your spirit knows is how to experience life.

Space in your mind, otherwise known as the now, offers the luxury of being present and paying attention because you’re not pushed. The now of your spirit can’t be pushed; the future does not exist yet. When you live from your spirit you accept life uninterrupted. It’s easy to pay attention because you’re interested in what you’re doing. Remember, the pathway to enlightenment is just another name for a self-interest study.

When you allow the experience of life to enter the surface of your mind, flow through the greater Kelee and into the lesser Kelee, you’ll feel like you’re living like never before. When you feel happy in your mind, you do not need to be someplace else and being in the now is achieved. Have you ever noticed, you never seem to hurry from a place you like to be? Life’s speed limit is being comfortable with the now. As if you can really live anyplace else.

You cannot be comfortable outside, until you’re comfortable inside the space of your spirit.

Ron W. Rathbun

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